About us

French Perfumery House is Online Boutique in USA.
French Perfumery House is Official Retail Account which offers perfumes collections by Les Parfums De Rosine fragrances in USA.
Les Parfums De Rosine fragrances are very famous all over the world:

Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Russia,  Belgium,  Netherlands,  Austria,  Switzerland,  Hungary, United Kingdom,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Poland,  Norway,  Estonia,  Italy,  Romania and Slovenia.

Asia:  Georgia,  Kazakhstan,  India, China, Japan,  South-Korea,  United Arab Emirates, Saudi-Arabia,  Kuwait,  Bahrain,  Qatar,  Indonesia.

USA, Middle West, Australia and other countries.

French Perfumery House is online
boutique and ships domesticly in US within 2-5 business days.

We are very glad to share the rich, fabulous and exclusive perfumery experience with our customers and give everyone the opportunity to try french perfumes, apply it on hair, body or clothes.

French Perfumery House Boutique stores french perfume collections in temperature controlled warehouse environment:
101 Fabric Lane
Elkin, NC
United States of America