History of Les Parfums De Rosine Fragrances

Marie-hélène Rogeon was born into a family of perfume makers and her grand grand father Louis Panafieu was creating Eau de Cologne for the Emperor Napoleon III and a famous Pommade des Mousquetaires for his lacquer like finish moustaches. 

Very early, she has been fascinated by this world of exquisite bottles, fragrances, flowery labels and silk braid trimmings.In the great houses of perfume where she leads her carrier, she realizes the place of perfume in her life.

This rich experience drove her to the creation of her own company, Les Parfums de Rosine, at a period when it was the start for women to get tired of commercial perfumery and to look for real creations and perfumes telling real stories.

Rose’s passion

The two main passions of Marie-Hélène Rogeon are perfumes and… roses.
They are all so different; shy or proud, voluptuous or tender, with multiple shapes and colours, and the infinite variety of perfumes.

For her, as a perfumer, Rose Essence and Rose Absolue are the quintessence of all the great perfumes.

Marie-Hélène Rogeon built a collection of rose perfumes, all different, from the fresher Un Zest de Rose to the more sensuous Une Folie de Rose.

Ability and quality

The main concern of Marie-Hélène Rogeon is to propose beautiful creations, all based on natural essences, and which are immediately understandable and readable.
Every component can be recognized all along the evolution of the perfume on the skin.

She is also very careful about the presentation. All the bottles are nicely wrapped in coloured tissue paper before being place in the folding boxes and the bottle wear a silky tassel.
Every product is scrupulously packed by experimented workers.