Bois Fuchsia is a Fruity Fragrance

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BOIS FUCHSIA is a fruity fragrance elucidates the crushed raspberry fruity explosion of the French rose ‘Rosa Gallica,’ the famous rose used for preserves! Michel Almairac, the iconic 21st Century perfumer, created this wonderful woody, yet fruity, perfume especially for Les Parfums de Rosine.

Notes: Blackcurrant, Iris, Rose, Raspberry, Lychee, Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood.

Blackcurrant fragrance, with its fruity and minty characteristics, lends itself to an instantly- recognizable glossy finish, highlighting the perfume’s elegant and luxurious notes. Beautiful iris gently tempers this effect with its dusty and green facets. At that point comes the sumptuous heart, where raspberry and litchi dominate and bring a juicy and sensual hint of red berry. Then, reigning rose, in all its sensual and majestic splendor. The sensual depths of white musk, mixed with smooth and creamy sandalwood, bring a sublime background to the fragrance. Patchouli brings an incomparable depth with its sharp, earthy tones reminiscent of a mossy woodland.

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