Ballerina No.5

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Ballerina No.5 
Exotic and mysterious, Bayadere word is designating a sacred Hindu dancer and is taking us to faraway India. This rare word is coming from the verb "ballar," meaning dance in Portuguese, evoking the whole world of dance: ball, ballet, ballerina…

An infinitely suave perfume, undeniably elegant and desirable.

Essential Rose, Tangerine,Indian Fig, Orange Blossom Absolute, Turkish Rose Essence, Crystallized Violet, Lychee, Almond Blossom, Heliotrope, Turkish Rose Absolute, Benzoin Tears, Tonka Bean Absolute, Patchouli Essence, Cedar Wood, Gaiac Wood.

Sumptuously dressed in pink gauze brocaded in gold, the Bayadere is oriental, suggesting a world of beauty, harmony, sweetness. She is beautiful and seductive, with the harmonious movements of her captivating dance.

THE BAYADERE ballet, created by Marius Petitpa is extraordinarily rich, bursting with colors and where gold is omnipresent. Of course, the love affair lies in India, and we imagine this mysterious country, whose smell can be "infinitely sweet" as Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote.

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