Some tips for applying perfume

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The perfume you use should always be appropriate. For example, when going to work, you should not use heavy oriental compositions - they will wrap you in a seductive train, which does not really suit the work environment.

It is better to choose eau de toilette or eau de parfum, which will envelop you in a light veil. Give preference to soft unobtrusive floral and citrus notes with hints of green tea, mint, sandalwood. They are great for refreshing and allow you to focus on work without distracting you and your colleagues.
For an evening out, you can take a perfume with heavy notes of vanilla, spices, musk. Light floral and berry notes are great for summer, while in winter you can opt for heavier chypre or woody tones.

Another point to properly apply perfume is the cosmetics you use. Many creams, lotions and even mascaras, shadows have their own scent, and by mixing it with eau de parfum, you can get a heavy and indistinct amber. Many manufacturers produce kits in which care products and perfumes either smell the same or complement each other.

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