What is niche perfumery?

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Many have heard of niche fragrances, understand that they have a special status among perfume lovers and a higher price, but not everyone knows why.

Niche perfumes are produced in limited editions and are not sold in all stores. Such fragrances have a more complex structure and set of components than mass perfumes.

Niche scents can contain unusual scents such as wet tobacco, whiskey, jewelry, champagne, white truffles, old cars, or wood in the cold. Perfumes are often obtained with a rather specific scent and are designed for true connoisseurs who are ready to experiment.

In the production of niche perfumery, natural and active active ingredients are used, and the amount of chemicals is kept to a minimum. It is important to distinguish niche perfumery from selective perfumery. Niche compositions consist of expensive components and come out in limited editions - sometimes no more than two copies. Some bottles are made individually, according to the client's order. Selective perfumery sits between the mass market and exclusive niche fragrances - it is fashionable and unusual, but inexpensive.

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