Ballerina Collection Info

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Ballerina Collection is a delicate feminine floral fragrance that has been produced since 2014 from a French perfume brand. This perfume series is directly dedicated to ballet.

The perfume embodies the beginning of a beautiful ballerina's career, when a very young girl tries on pointe shoes and a tutu and plunges into the delightful world of the art of music and movement. First steps on stage, first success, first applause. All this is reflected in the scent.

The perfume is a bouquet of charming floral notes, but not huge gorgeous flowers that an accomplished ballerina receives, but small, but very fragrant flowers, much more impressive to a young ballerina. The main accord is the scent of a rose, a medium-sized but very fragrant variety. The perfume is poured into multi-colored porcelain bottles with a lush.

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