Where is it correct to apply perfume?

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Of course, every woman wants to scent for as long as possible, but even the highest quality and persistent perfume can fade if applied incorrectly. Also, do not overdo it with intensity, so as not to cause inconvenience to others. There are certain points on the body that are most suitable for applying perfume:

- behind the ears;
- neck and subclavian cavity;
- elbow bend;
- wrist;
- the back of the knee.

The blood vessels in these places are very close to the skin, and thanks to their pulsation, the fragrance spreads well in the air. Spray perfume very carefully so that a light trail envelops you, and not a dense, heavy-smelling cloud.

It is very effective to apply the fragrance after a shower, on clean, steamed and slightly damp skin - this way it is better absorbed and stays on for a long time.

Never rub a perfume on your skin - this will disrupt the opening of aromatic notes, the structure of the scent, and it will disappear much faster than expected.

Hair also retains fragrances well, but the alcohol in the perfume can damage it. Therefore, it is best to spray or apply a few drops to the comb and simply comb - that will be enough.

You should not aromatize clothes - it will exude a smell only if you directly sniff it, and few will feel it around it.

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