Les Parfums De Rosine

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The Woman perfume.
She is a youthful woman, full of zest and spontaneity.

The Rose perfume.
The Ballerina rose bush, whose small flowers evoke a ballet of young dancers.

Ballerina No. 1 French Perfume Info.
Created by Delphine Lebeau, on a Marie-Hélène Rogeon idea.
A rose and peach accord on a milky base, for a sweet and sophisticated fragrance.


Olfactory family Fruity floral
Top note Pear, Peach, Freesia, Bergamot
Heart note Rose, Peony, Violet, Raspberry
Base note Milk, vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

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The prima ballerina is so majestic and graceful. Her creative path is woven of small victories and defeats, disappointments and triumphs. Nostalgic, she recalls the first time she stepped on the even snow-white parquet floor of the dance hall, put on her first pointe shoes and tried on a fluffy tutu. How naive and ridiculous this little, frightened girl, in whose heart lived a great dream, lived. Ballerina No. 1 is a perfume by the niche French brand Parfums De Rosine, which embodies the beginning of a promising path for every lady.

The powdery, weightless, light composition begins with delicate fruity overflows of juicy honey pears, the beauty is set off by peach motifs. At the heart of the symphony of femininity is a lush bouquet of luxurious velvet roses and bright peonies, drowning in the sensual scent of a musky scent.

Parfums De Rosine Ballerina No. 1 description and buy online

Is an ode to perseverance and self-improvement, an ode to the determination and ambition of girls. After all, despite the fragile and such a vulnerable shell, inside each one hides a fiery desire to be the best, to be a winner.

The first of two fragrances dedicated to this theme has a kind, cheerful, playful and very cheerful character. The pyramid of the Rosin ballerina perfume number 1 is based on the captivating rose accords, flowers of a special kind, tiny but very fragrant. The harmony and charm of Ballerina No 1 perfume is emphasized by the external design: the bottle made of pink porcelain is decorated with airy tulle of pale pink color, hinting at elegant ballet skirts.

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According to the concept, the second fragrance in this series, released in the fall, represents the image of more mature dancers who, having come a long way, at the cost of hard work and patience, eventually became the prima of ballet. The perfume presented on this page embodies only the first steps and the beginning of training in ballet art.

Rose perfume Ballerina 1 for women

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