Les Parfums De Rosine

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The Woman
She is an asserted woman… to the top of her art.

The Rose
The Ballerina rose bush, whose small flowers evoke a ballet of young dancers.

The Perfume
Created by Benoist Lapouza, on a Marie-Hélène Rogeon idea.
A rose and magnolia accord on a woody base, for a fragrance with a strong signature.


Olfactory family Woody floral
Top note Bergamot, Raspberry, Orange Blossom
Heart note Rose, Magnolia, Violet, Eglantine, Iris
Base note Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ambrette Seeds, Vanilla, Amber

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Rose scented perfume Ballerina No. 2 buy online

This magical white bottle contains an unusually light, airy scent that celebrates the beauty of deceptively fragile dancers, whose willpower and love of dance allows us to enjoy one of the most difficult and mesmerizing forms of art - ballet. An oriental floral composition will envelop you in an invisible delicate veil and present you with the brightest emotions beyond description.

The top notes entice the invigorating scent of citrus and the sweetness of ripe raspberries. In the heart of Ballerina No 2, the rose princess flaunts, and her retinue consists of a luxurious rosehip and an elegant magnolia. The trail consists of sweet vanilla, languid amber and the mysterious scent of sandalwood. Such an extraordinary masterpiece from Parfums De Rosine will be a magnificent decoration for any perfume collection.

Parfums De Rosine Ballerina No. 2 description and buy online

Ballerina No 2 is dedicated to a girl who is confident in herself and in her art. All perfumes created in the house of perfumery Les Parfums de Rosine include a note of rose. This time the perfumers have chosen a rose of the "Ballerina" variety. Its difference: small inflorescences. On the bush, they are a bit like a dance performed by young ballerinas (hence the name).

In addition, the composition included a rose of eglanteria. This plant has several other names: rusty rose, rusty-brown Scottish rose, fragrant rose hips, rusty rose hips, etc. The bouquet is complemented by delicate orange blossom and captivating magnolia, violet and iris. Playful, cool nuances are added by bergamot and raspberries. Woody notes (patchouli, sandalwood), vanilla, musky tones (Muscat abelmos) and resinous amber are heard in the base.

The attractive perfume le perfume de rosine ballerina 2 is placed in a white bottle, on the lid of which something like a ballet tutu flaunts. The most ballet color is chosen - white.

Best rose perfume  Ballerina No. 2 in USA

By the way, the “Ballerina” rose variety is also present in Ballerina No. 1, only the composition itself is completely different. If the author of the “first” perfume is Delphine Lebeau, then Benoist Lapouza worked on the formula for the “second” mix. His portfolio includes such bestsellers as Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita, Emilio Pucci Miss Pucci, several versions of Fan di Fendi, etc.

Rose perfume Ballerina 2 for women

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