Les Parfums De Rosine

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The Woman
She is an enigmatic woman… playing her dual personality.

The Rose
The Ballerina rose bush, whose small flowers evoke a ballet of young dancers.

The Perfume
Created by Delphine Lebeau, on a Marie-Hélène Rogeon idea.
A rose and precious woods accord, for a powerful and voluptuous fragrance.


Olfactory family Rich woody floral
Top note Fuchsia flowers, Rose buds, black pepper, Pink pepper
Heart note Black rose, Violet leaves
Base note Sandalwood, Oud, Cashmeran, Patchouli, Cedar wood, Caramelized vanilla, Amber

More details

Ballerina No 3 Les Parfums de Rosine buy online

Ballerina No 3 Les Parfums de Rosine is classified as a fragrance for women and belongs to the Oriental and Floral families. Senior perfumer Dolphin Lebo-Kroviak worked on it. Ballerina No 3 is part of the Ballerina collection.

The fragrance includes:

Fuchsia, Black Pepper, Rose and Pink Pepper (red berries) form the opening chord of the composition, in the heart ─ Violet Leaf and Rose; the base is White Cedar, Cashmeran, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Oud and Vanilla.

Fragrance for women french perfume

As the name suggests, the perfume is dedicated to ballet. And if the first version of the perfume came out in a pink bottle, and the second in a gray one, the current perfume is dressed in a black bottle. And this is not surprising, because the inspiration for the creation of this fragrance was the image of a black swan from the ballet "Swan Lake".

Ballerina No. 3 female fragrance delivery to the USA

The author of the composition is a talented fragile, but incredibly energetic woman, Dolphin Loebo - Kroviak. The aroma is contained in an exquisite bottle of deep black color. The neck of the bottle is decorated with black tulle, which is shaped like a ballerina's tutu. The perfume belongs to the family of woody, musky, floral fragrances.

Despite its richness, the fragrance Les Parfums De Rosine Ballerina No 3 is quite soft, not flashy, therefore it can be used as an everyday daytime perfume. It is ideal not only as a daytime scent, but also as an evening scent. An elixir with excellent durability, so it feels good on hair and clothes even the next day. It will last on the skin for about 12 hours, without requiring renewal. The velvety train is moderately long, not suffocating and very euphonic.

Premium handmade perfume in the USA

An excellent eau de parfum, which was developed by a French brand, is ready to tell you a fragrant story about the first ballerinas in the world. This amazing, feminine and incredibly energetic composition is the third that Les Parfums de Rosine devotes to graceful ballerinas.

The graceful overflow of one component performs the most difficult steps in order to make a greater impression than the exciting chords of the previous one. The spirit of rivalry and the desire to be the best and unique in everything is present in the announced work. The fuchsia solo opens the melody of the perfume le perfume de rocine ballerina number 3. Its seductive shades conquer with its grace pink pepper, which adds piquancy to the melody of the masterpiece.

The farewell kiss of the expressive cedar will remind you for a long time of the touches of the breathtaking edition, which you have the opportunity to order in our store. We offer to buy the perfume Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No 3 at a bargain price.

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