Les Parfums De Rosine

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A bright and luminous fragrance, based on a white flowers accord.


The Woman
She is a desirable woman… both pure and innocent.

The Rose
The Ballerina rose bush, whose small flowers evoke a ballet of young dancers.

The Perfume
Created by Delphine Lebeau, on a Marie-Hélène Rogeon idea.
A bright and luminous fragrance, based on a white flowers accord.


Olfactory family Woody floral
Top note Bergamot, Pink Pepper corn, Cardamom
Heart note Rosa Alba bulgarian rose absolue, Jasmin absolue, Tuberose, Peach, Incense
Base note Sandalwood, Tolu Balsam, Moss, Ambroxan

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Ballerina No 4 Les Parfums de Rosine buy online

The aroma is based on the white swan from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. To enhance the impression of airiness and tenderness, the bottle was decorated with an impromptu white pack. The novelty was created by Delphine Lebeau, which chose Bulgarian white rose absolute as the central chord. It is noteworthy that to obtain this absolute, two more raw materials are required than if we were talking about an ordinary rose.

The composition opens with an overflow of bergamot, slightly dusted with a pinch of cardamom and pink pepper.
The aroma of white rose, creamy tuberose and honey jasmine play beautifully with facets against the background of mysterious highlights of incense and velvety sweetness of peach. The enchanting look is rounded off by a luxurious base of tolu balsam, sandalwood and ambroxan.

Description Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No 4

The composition Ballerina No 4 from Les Parfums de Rosine is the embodiment of grace, innocence and grace. She is the heroine of the ballet Swan Lake - so desirable and inaccessible in her snow-white dress.

The absolute beauty that Delphine Lebeau portrayed in a bright and radiant scent built on the harmony of white flowers. The most exquisite petals are collected here: the purest absolute of Rose Alba, loud tuberose and jasmine blotches. Floral charm is set off by spices in the company of shining bergamot.

Peach and subtle incense add sensuality to the sound. Balsamic and powdery elements fill with a sense of purity and transparency. At the base - the accords of ambroxan, tolu balsam and sandalwood, envelop the fragrance in a haze - attractive and sexy!

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What is she like, a modern ballerina? Does the main part dance in high-profile productions? Is it illuminated by powerful spotlights and the reflection of a thousand gems on her stage costume? Anyway, this delicate and sensual, light and graceful fragrance, released by the legendary niche brand from France, is dedicated to Her Majesty the Woman. She always dances inside, knows how to rejoice so sincerely that this energy charges and colors everything around in a rainbow. She is a bottomless ocean of emotions, a wind carrying streams of happiness, a cloud floating thoughtfully across the expanses of life. She is the one that deserves the perfect scent, and Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No 4 will certainly become one.

Full description of the French aroma Ballerina No. 4 before buying

Les Parfums De Rosine Ballerina number 4 is part of an unusual collection of perfumes, united by the idea to convey the atmosphere of dance, classical music, unconditional beauty, flexibility and talent.

The author of this perfume, like the rest of the flankers of the line, was the ingenious Delphine Lebeau, who has long been implementing the ideas of the brand's founder.

Perfume is appropriate to call floral, woody and musky at the same time. These aromatic directions masterfully merged into one memorable and vivid scent. • The famous rose lover and mistress of a stunning rose garden, Marie-Helene Rogueon included in the pyramid of this fragrance exactly the white May flower, symbolizing youth, beauty and spontaneity.

Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No 4 will especially appeal to connoisseurs of charming bottles and captivatingly feminine fragrances. It will become an integral part of the image of a young, gentle, delightful woman.

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